Your journey will every day contain yoga, meditation, hiking, wellness treatments, healthy meals and drinks, a special activity and continuous guidance by our traditional medicine doctors. In addition to the fixed program, you can use all complimentary facilities and services throughout the day at your leisure.

  • Day 1: Decide your destiny

    On your first day at the Sanctuary you will receive a consult with our trained traditional medicine doctors, your designated Well-Being Guides. Aligned with your personal goals, they will create a customized well-being program for the duration of your stay, including a selection of wellness treatments, activities, and a dietary advice, which our Chefs will make sure to follow in preparation of your meals.

    Today afternoon we combine some nature with culture by taking you on a short hike to the Eutok goenpa, the monastic school across the valley from the Sanctuary.

    As per your personalized well-being program you will also do one or more of the following

    • Wellness treatment
    • Meditation or yoga (either guided or on your own)
    • Swim, gym or take a stroll
    • Special activity such as cooking or pottery class, archery or khuru (Bhutanese darts)

    Tips: Start reading your complimentary copy of The Restful Mind which is placed in your room. 

  • Day 2: Hike and heal

    To start off the day in the best possible manner, you will either do some yoga, meditation, swim, gym or a short walk.

    Now you have adjusted somewhat to your new home we can really start your (re-)connecting to yourself. Nature is one of the best possible healers, so we will take a long hike through our beautiful valley and halfway stop for a short meditation and a picnic.

    After your return to the Sanctuary you will first receive a relaxing and healing traditional medicine treatment in our wellness area, and if needed meet again with one of our Well-Being Guides to check your condition.

    The rest of the afternoon and evening are your own, and you can make further use of any of our wellness facilities and services, continue reading The Restful Mind or take part in one of our special activities. In the evening during dinner we will have a mystery guest who will share their inspirational story of a transformational journey. Since tomorrow you have to wake up early for your hike to the mysterious Tiger's Nest, we recommend you get a good night's rest.

  • Day 3: Follow in the footsteps of Guru Rinpoche

    To start off the day in the best possible manner, you will either do some yoga, meditation, swim, gym or a short walk.

    Today's hiking highlight is the trail to the Tiger's Nest (Taktsang Monastery). After a short 40-minutes' drive we arrive at the starting point of our hike. Depending on your physical fitness it will take you around 2-4 hours to go up and 1-2 hours to come down. We encourage you to keep your own pace and yet be mindful of each step of the journey and your immersion in nature.

    To keep up with your new healthy living, our Chefs will pack you a special lunch which you can enjoy at any time during your hike.

    On our way back to the Sanctuary we will give you the opportunity to visit the Paro Dzong, which is a fortress that is the center of both the Administrative body and the Monastic body of the Paro district.

    After returning to the Sanctuary we recommend you to take a hot stone (herbal) bath with a full body ku nye massage to really relax your weary limbs and revive yourself for this evening's event.

    Tonight our Chefs will prepare you a special healthy Bhutanese family style dinner and our Sanctuary team will give you a short traditional dance performance.


  • Day 4: Connect and contemplate

    Today is all about connecting to your inner-self and quiet contemplation.

    You can either decide to spend some time outside of the Sanctuary, in our valley, by going on one of the many available hikes, or to just stay in and find some peace in one of the many quiet and scenic spots of the Sanctuary, where you can meditate, do yoga, swim, gym, or read a book. Of course, our wellness facilities and our Well-Being Guides will be at your full disposal as always.


  • Day 5: End with new beginnings

    Most of the flights from Bhutan leave in the morning, so we recommend you to make the most of your remaining time at the Sanctuary by doing one more yoga or meditation session, and have a healthy leisurely breakfast. Although the time at the Sanctuary has come to an end, it signifies one of new beginnings in your own personal journey.


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​Package extension tip (+ 5 nights) - Slow Living

  • Creating a lasting positive change becomes less difficult with continuous focused efforts.
  • Extending your stay at the Sanctuary will allow you, in a relatively short time span, to create some new daily routines which will help balance your body and mind.
  • Our We//-Being Guides, who are trained traditional medicine doctors, will be there with you throughout your journey of self-discovery and healing.

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