Montenegro has thrived on the border of east and west ever since the Great Schism of the Roman empire some 1600 years ago. Montenegro, which means "Black Mountain", is a slice of heaven on the Adriatic cost, boasting of lowlands, high mountain ranges, spectacular jagged coastlines, and hospitable and magentic locals. About half of the small country is covere in thick forest, and its neighbors include Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Serbia's breakaway province of Kosovo and Albania. The depth of its cultural history can be seen everywhere, from its flamboyant Orthodox monasteries to its ornate Catholic churches, elegant Mosques, and the fortified fortresses built over the years stand as a reminder of its dynamic history. It's a diverse place where visitors can experience many different facets of history of the Balkans.

Country information


Capital: Podgorica
Languages: Montenegrin
Currency: Euro
Calling code: +382
Time zone:  UTC+1
Flight time: No direct flight