Beautiful, diverse, untouched – there aren’t many destinations like this left in the world. We searched the globe to bring you a unique, authentic travel experience full of cultural immersion. We found it with our exclusive partner, Genghis Khan Retreat, on the Mongolian Steppe.


It's located approximately 360 kms west of the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator, in the Orkhon Valley National Park.

Surrounded by Mongolia’s natural wonders as well as several historical sites including Karakorum, the first capital of the Mongol empire and the memorial site of the Turkish Khanate, this is the perfect homebase from which to embark on both physical and historical adventures.


Each of ornately-painted gers comes with a double bed and up to two single beds, perfect for families. Expect some serious comfort as you suggle down under the cashmere bedding, enjoy the spacious candle-lit interiors and cosy up to a wood-burning stove that keeps the cold at bay on chillier evenings.


Discover the wildness of the Genghis Khan Retreat in the heart of the UNESCO protected Orkhon Valley National Park. Find another side to yourself with all-inclusive activities like horseback riding, kayaking and rock climbing. Adventure awaits at The Pavilions Mongolia.

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