Summer in the Official Hometown of Santa Claus includes action, wellness and stillness under the Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun and white nights are phenomena that guarantee light around the clock on the Arctic Circle and above. In Rovaniemi, situated right on said line, experiencing the magic of 24-hour daylight and arctic summer can be tailored to suit all preferences from action-packed to relaxing – see below.

1. Hike with reindeer

A fresh twist to enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Lapland is going hiking with reindeer. This tour also includes fishing and snacks by open fire.
Available from May to September. 

2. Hike with huskies

The summer is too warm for huskies to pull sleds, but they love going on forest hikes. The cute and furry dogs bring a new dimension to experiencing the pristine Lappish woods.
Available from May to October.

3. Go jet skiing under the Midnight Sun

Jet skis are obviously really fun, but also a great way to experience Rovaniemi’s surroundings and the Midnight Sun all at once. Picnic on a sandy beach is included, swimming is optional.
Available in June and July.

4. Take a Midnight Sun riverboat cruise

On top of the riverboat cruise, this tour includes a local-style meal prepared out in nature and a ride to the top of Ounasvaara fell for amazing views over Rovaniemi enjoying the Midnight Sun.
Available from June to August.

5. Experience Finnish tradition on a floating sauna cruise

Bathe in a traditional Finnish sauna while cruising the rivers of Rovaniemi. Enjoy the scenery from inside the hot sauna or when cooling off on the deck. Genuine tar scent and swimming breaks included.
Available from June to October.

6. Paddle your heart out on a SUP safari

Stand up paddling is a great way of combining action, exercise, nature and sightseeing. In Rovaniemi you can even do it under the Midnight Sun. Introduction and equipment included, swimming skill required.

7. Zoom in on a Midnight Sun photography tour

What better way to capture the magical Midnight Sun than under the expert guidance of a professional? Be sure to make the best spots under all types of conditions. Photography tips and campfire snacks are a given.
Available from May to August.

8. Feel the presence of nature on a forest hike

This hike takes you through genuine Lappish forest scenery and prehistoric shorelines to the top of a hill. Presence exercises for harnessing the beneficial power of nature are performed along the way. Snacks by campfire included. Available from April to September.

9. Fall in love with the polar bear cub in Ranua Zoo

There are around 50 arctic animal species to see in Ranua Zoo, but this summer the main draw is the polar bear cub born in late 2016. Observe the cute little rascal and other interesting fauna of the north in a setting as close to natural as possible.

10. Sleek comfort in nature - Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle

Newly opened on the outskirts of Rovaniemi’s premier tourist attraction, Santa Claus Village, these glass igloos are excellent for experiencing the nature of the Arctic Circle in top comfort. Seasonal highlights include the Midnight Sun in summer, the Northern Lights in autumn and winter, the dark polar night of midwinter as well as autumn leaf colour.


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