As the world celebrates Earth Day on 22 April, we share how we've seen a rising interest among our clients in search of sustainable tourism holidays. Hailed as an industry trend forecaster, the 2018 Virtuoso Luxe Report surveyed its travel advisors on sustainability as a factor in consumer choice in travel. 

While travellers do factor in sustainable tourism practices – defined as travel that is more environmentally friendly, supports the protection of cultural and natural heritage, and provides social and economic benefits to local people - when making travel decisions, we find that it is Millennials who are leading the charge. 

What appeals most to you? Here are a few factors of sustainable tourism that is most appealing to our clients.

    •    Reducing plastic waste      
    •    Eco-friendly practices 
    •    Protecting wildlife
    •    Eating local foods/supporting local farmers
    •    Giving back to communities              
    •    Animal welfare 
    •    Respecting culture             
    •    Staying at green hotels
    •    Conserving coral reefs
    •    Safeguarding historic sites    

Costas Christ, the director of sustainability for the luxury travel network Virtuoso, said. “Back in the ’60s and ’70s, going green and caring about local cultures was thought of as being very granola.” he said, “But there is much more familiarity and interest around these topics today. The question is no longer whether travellers care about helping to make the world a better place as part of a vacation. The real question is how we in the travel industry work together to prepare for a new generation of travelers who want to have a positive impact on the places they visit"


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