If you are adventure lovers, there is still time to planning your holidays in the Arctic for upcoming winter seasons. Imagine having a white Christmas and/or New Year, full of hearty food and amazing winter activities… Imagine enjoying the magical winter scenery from the comfort of a sleigh pulled by reindeer or huskies and stopping for a hot chocolate at a Sami village…Whatever you decide, getting start your adventures with below arctic activities – you will surely have an excitement!

Reindeer Sledding

A reindeer safari is a lovely, relaxing way to enjoy the winter scenery all around you. These are usually hosted by local reindeer herders and will give you an unparalleled opportunity to chat with the locals and learn more about indigenous Sami people.

Husky Safaris / Dogsledding

Dogsledding is a more action-packed way to explore the frozen wilderness, whether it is for just 15 minutes or several hours. Being led by eager and friendly huskies through the breathtaking snowy landscape is a truly thrilling experience!

Snowmobile Safaris

By far the fastest and most adrenalin-infused way to get around in the snow is by snowmobiles. Usually lasting for two hours with a coffee break or four hours with a lunch break over an open fire, this is another unique way to see some of the best scenery the region has to offer.

Aurora Hunting

Although you are likely to see the Northern Lights from the vicinity of your cottage, there is something very magical about a specially designed trip – by horse, reindeer, huskies, or snowmobile – out into the wilderness to chase the green glow of the aurora borealis.

Ice Fishing

Any keen fishermen and women will no doubt enjoy the experience of trying their luck with catching fresh fish through a hole drilled into a frozen lake. Sitting on a chair in silence, on top of a lake, fully wrapped up to keep you warm, has a surreal quality to it. It is peaceful and relaxing – until it is time to hop on a snowmobile and journey back to your cottage.

Ice Sculpting

Let your creative juices flow with an ice sculpting class. After being taught the basics and how to use the tools, you will be free to have some fun with a block of ice straight from a nearby water source. Working with the pristine natural ice is something many artists only get to dream of!

Skiing and Ski School

Both downhill skiing and cross-country skiing are available for anyone fit and willing to have a go. However, ski instruction is often essential for any first timers!

Saunas and Ice Swimming

In most of our Nordic winter destinations, having a sauna is certainly an essential part of the experience. You can stay in for as long or as little as you like – it is best to listen to your body and let it relax with the heat. And by far the best way to finish off your sauna experience is by dipping into a frozen lake with a hole cut into the ice. It sounds intense, even scary perhaps, but it is one of the greatest feelings you can experience! If you can resist the temptation to run back into the sauna, your body will very quickly heat you up on its own and will keep you feeling tingly and warm for a long time after.

Staying the night in an ICE room

Many of our accommodation options include unique ice rooms where the temperature is kept at approximately -5 to -8 degrees Celsius. We usually recommend spending one night in an ice room, sleeping in a thermal sleeping bag. You will gain a unique understanding of the Finnish tradition of putting babies down for their naps outside (in very similar temperatures during wintertime!). The crispy fresh air combined with your toasty warm body inside the sleeping bag usually translates to the best sleep ever!

Santa visit

Most of our Christmas itineraries to Finland (Santa’s real home) include a visit to/from Santa Claus! Santa himself will greet you, wish you Merry Christmas and, of course, give everyone a nice present – a memento to take home and remind you of your trip to snowy Lapland.

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