Right at the edge of the wilderness, along the road to the Arctic Sea, it's a mera stone's throw to the Urho Kekkonen National Park, the largestof Finland's national parks. The Sami have inhabited the region for over a centur. The surrounding enviroment is one of the cleanest you'll find anywhere in the world. The water is so pure than you can quench your thirst straight from a stram running down the fell or the lake into which ot flows, and the air is so fresh that you can feel it deep down in your lungs. 

It was the glass igloos and log cabins that put us on the world map. Now, here in the middle of the wilderness, we have a lot more in store, including Santa’s entire world. Get to know the magic of the world’s best kept secret.


It's a family-run hotel in Finnish Lapland, 250km north of the Arctic Circle yet the place is easy to reach. The nearest international airport is in Ivalo, just a 30-minute ride away, not far away from Northern Norway, Murmansk and Russia either.


Designed the place in a way that allows you to enjoy Lapland's nature and cutlure comprehensively starts from personal accommodation. 

Glass igloos, from inside one glass igloos, you can admire the northern lights and the twinkling of the bright, starry sky with your loved one – in the comforting warmth of room temperature. Under the glass roof you’ll find your own washroom, beds for two people and an additional bed, should you need it. 

Log cabins, for one to ten people are made of impressively large kelo pines – trees that once stood dead and dried out – and designed in a rugged style that fits perfectly with their wild surroundings. While you won’t find widescreen TVs or dishwashers inside, you can enjoy even better sources of entertainment in every cabin – a fireplace and a sauna.


Showers and saunas are available in separate buildings, with separate facilities for men and women. Our glass igloos are available right through the northern lights season, which begins around the third week of August and finished around the end of April. In May 2014, a number of new four-person cabins will be available at Kakslauttanen. They all have two separate en-suite bedrooms, both en suite, one with a connected sauna. Extra beds for up to two people can be provided as necessary.

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