Hotel Rangá is a luxury countryside hotel and the only 4 star resort in South Iceland, located in a rural area, light pollution is not an issue in the winter time, one of best place for viewing the Northern Lights. By turning off our outside lights we can provide optimal conditions to view the sky at night.It offers all the facilities and services of a modern resort. The resort is built in log-cabin style and has through the years acquired an excellent reputation for its food, accomodation and service. One cannot miss feeling welcome entering its warm interior where relaxed countryside feeling meets the professional ambition of pleasing its entire clientel.

Upon entering Hotel Ranga, you will be greeted by a towering 10-foot tall polar bear named Hrammur that resides in the lobby. He is a favorite model for photographers and is definitely one of the most pictured objects in Iceland. This is just a prelude to the cozy ambience that you will encounter that vibrates throughout the hotel. The themed suites are a unique concept offering "that little extra" for the discerning traveler.


Located about an hour from Reykjavík between the towns of Hella and Hvolsvöllur, t, it lies just off the main road right in middle of South Iceland’s panoramic scenery, 2-hour away from the International airport. 


After upgraded and renovated, it presents 51 luxuriously decorated rooms and suites. 24 standard rooms adn 20 deluxe rooms that provide guests with comfortable stay, most are equipped with Jacuzzis, facing either the East Rangá River or the famous volcano Mt. Hekla. 

The themed suites at Hotel Rangá are truly one of a kind. Designed and themed after each of the seven continents, they provide guests with the ultimate comfort, luxury, relaxation, and experience that is, literally, a "world apart". Ranging in size from 40-74m², both the junior and master suites are designed and decorated with top notch authentic fashion, decor, artwork, fixture and furnishings coming exclusively from the respective continents. The themed suites are located on the second floor. In addition, Royal Master suite with a view of the East Rangá River and Mt. Hekla. 


Hotel observatory is a roll-off roof observatory, by far the most advanced in Iceland. The observatory is located about 150 meters from the hotel‘s main building. It houses two high quality astronomical telescopes: An 11 inch Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain and a TEC 160ED APO refractor on a Astro-Physics 900 mount. Both telescopes are computerised and on a permanent pier — perfect for astrophotography. On a platform by the observatory, we sometimes roll out an 18 inch reflector, the biggest telescope in Iceland. 

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