Hoshinoya Kyoto is hidden in Arashiyama area, with its famous Togetsuyo Bridge, a place without any tall, modern buildings. It retains that old Kyoto feel. Arashiyama was a resort area for the people of Kyoto, influenced by the culture of the Heian Dynasty. Suminokura Ryoui, a wealthy Kyoto merchant used this private riverside retreat as a library and second home until it was converted into an inn approximately 100 years ago. To stay in a place with the privacy of a private home while indulging in the refined cultural joys Kyoto has to offer is our overall theme. The result is an experience that embraces the area's past without forgetting the comforts of contemporary living.


All guests board a boat at the base of the Togetsukyo bridge and enjoy the beautiful scenery for a short ten minute cruise up the Ooigawa River where Hoshinoya Kyoto is revealed. Located in a building styled after teahouse aesthetics, it's a hundred years old, but looks as good as new thanks to a traditional polishing technique practiced by the Nishatani painting company that restores a building's youth without blemishing its original look.


Once a retreat for the Imperial aristocracy, Arashiyama offers such seasonal delights as cherry blossoms in the spring, lush greenery in the summer, red maple leaves in the fall, and waterfowl in the winter. All these sights can be taken in from the comfort of our rooms. 25 resort typed room is fashioned in the style of a traditional ryokan (Japanese inn) and exudes a sense of pure ease and relaxation. The calming interiors feature heated wood floors, handmade wallpapers and shoji-style sliding doors; outside, lantern-lit stone walkways lead through serene Japanese gardens and cedar trees 

A new style of garden created by traditional craftsmen. The resort is home to two gardens: the Mizu-no-niwa, with its pond and waterfall; and Oku-no-niwa, where smoked tiles create flowing lines over the grounds. Landscape artist Hiroki Hasegawa's playful designs were brought to life by Ueyakato Landscape, in business since 1848.


In addition to being the proud recipient of a Michelin star for its restaurant, HOSHINOYA Kyoto has received the Michelin Five Red Pavilions award, the highest Michelin honor for a hotel



Charlotte Travel Exclusives

  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Continental breakfast daily, for up to two in room guests, via room service
  • Monko Experience - A Japanese Incense Ceremony for two, once during stay
  • Early check-in / late check-out, subject to availability

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