Coral Triangle Safaris (CTS) was established in 2017 from a passion to explore Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago with over 17,000 islands. With such a vast area to explore dotted with small islands, the ultimate mode of transportation is a private yacht. The launch of our highly sophisticated 26m (86’) vessel Sequoia raised the safety and quality standards within the private charter market in Indonesia. Our goal is to help you and your family experience one of the world’s most remote and beautiful places, The Coral Triangle, as safely and comfortably as possible.


Coral Triangle Safaris located in Indonesia which consists of 11 Banda Islands in the heart of Banda Sea.


26-metre Sequoia yacht is a private yacht cruise that provides the ultimate luxury experience, offering guests a panoramic view of the most pristine waters on this planet. Sequoia owns 3 luxurious suites: Island Suite, Ocean Suite, and Sky Suite, which is ideal for honeymooners, groups of friends and families.


Guests can enjoy some of the most stunning dive sites this planet has to offer and rest assured that snorkelling is just as impressive. Swim with schools of tropical fish, turtles, stingrays, blacktip reef sharks and discover animals unique to this region, such as cute nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, wobbegongs, crocodile fish and much more. What's more, the rainforest behind Mangrove is full of birdlife. Watching birds through the binoculars is becoming more popular every year. It offers an opportunity to spend time outdoors with loved ones examining their beauty and the complexity of avian social interactions. It also allows you to “enjoy the moment” and become one with nature while you try to determine the species under the lens. The variety of birds in Indonesia is astounding with 380 endemic species as well as a considerable number of migratory species. Trek to West Papua and/or Raja Ampat allow us to have a chance to witness the dancing of the most beautiful bird on earth "Cenderawasih" The Bird of Paradise.


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