Aman's first hot-spring resort, Amanemu is derived from "aman", the Sanskrit word for peace, and "nemu", the Japanese word for sharing joy. The resort perches on the shores of Ago Bay, known as the ‘Bay of Pearls’. It’s been designed in the style of a traditional ryokan, complete with an okami (female Manager).  All intimate suites and villas are equipped with their own ancient onsen (mineral hot spring). The resort finds its design in the traditional Japanese aesthetics. With the use of natural materials, pays tribute to its direct surroundings while seamlessly blending in with the National Park and adopts a classic Japanese aesthetic in the ryokan tradition to provide an exclusive sanctuary in harmony with its natural.


Idyllically nestled in the Ise Shima National Park on the shores of Ago Bay, Mie Prefecture on Japan’s east coast, nearest to Nagoya Chubu International Airport (NGO). It takes two-hour scenic train ride away from Nagoya. For guests that wish to arrive more exclusively, a helicopter can cut the two hour journey from Nagoya down to just 30 minutes.


24 ryokan-style Suites and 3 two-bedroom Villas, all features with private own onsen (hot spring). Nestled within the landscape with scenic views out to the bay or gardens, the Suites are abound in elegant simplicity. Each of Suites measure 99 square metres (1,065 square feet) .Generous terraces provide maximum enjoyment of the natural surroundings and views of Ago Bay, its islands and pearl rafts floating on the calm sea. 

With a light-filled atmosphere and emphasis on natural materials and soothing hues, Villas each feature two bedrooms spread across 375 square metres (4,036 square feet). Woven textile shutters can be opened to embrace the outdoors, and each Villa features a private onsen, kitchen and powder room


Centered on Japan’s centuries-old onsen tradition, the 2,000-square-metre Aman Spa embraces the theme of water. Designed around a large onsen and its natural mineral-rich waters, the Spa also features two private onsen pavilions, a watsu pool, four treatment suites and a fitness centre.  The restaurant, serving Japanese cuisine, will celebrate the area’s gourmet heritage of Miketsukuni (land of Imperial provisions), as it was once known as the breadbasket of the ancient Imperial Court.

In addition to exceptional nearby facilities that include an 18-hole championship golf course, Amanemu will offer bespoke Aman Journeys, seeking out the cultural nuances and finest experiences of the region, such as the UNESCO-protected pilgrimage routes of Kumano Kodō and Ise-Jingū, Japan’s most sacred Shintō shrine.

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