The breathtaking landscapes of Papua New Guinea are awe-inspiring and its complex cultures compelling. Travel to remote and unspoilt locations in this astounding country, visiting local villages and witness fascinating cultural traditions. Stay in comfortable lodges in the highland and Sepik regions, accessing remote villages by private charter aircraft. Finish your journey at the Goroka Show, held in September every year and famous for its dazzling array of sing-sing groups, showcasing some of the many cultures of Papua New Guinea – the Goroka cultural event is not to be missed. 

PNG is huge, saving time by charter flight from highland to rainforest, more comfortable and rest time. 

  • Day 1

    Arrive Port Moresby 

    Greeting in the arrivals area of the airport by your private guide in Port Moresby Airport. They'll bring you to your hotel by private vehicle. Orientating you to the city on your way and helping you check-in when you get there.  Overnight: Airways Hotel


  • Day 2

    Fly from Jackson’s airport to Tari. The Tari valley is home to the Huli – a vibrant and proud people still largely embracing a traditional lifestyle. Stay today in Ambua lodge, the PNG Southern Highlands, 30 houses, set amongst landscaped gardens and built almost exclusively from natural materials.  Spend the afternoon exploring the high mountain forests and roaring waterfalls. Overnight: Ambua Lodge


  • Day 3

    Tari Valley

    Enjoy a full day of cultural and ecological touring. The Tari area is home to an incredible 13 species of birds of paradise, as well as numerous orchid species. Learn how the Huli live and how they interact with and use their environment  Overnight: Ambua Lodge


  • Day 4

    Tari Valley to Karawari

    Fly by charter aircraft to Karawari airstrip over some of the most rugged and impressive landscapes in the world. The country between Ambua and the Sepik region is an amazing array of jagged limestone peaks that rise and fall at impossible angles. From the airstrip you will be transferred by river boat to Karawari Lodge. This afternoon, visit the Kundiman village for a sago making demonstration, sago is the staple food for river people. Overnight: Karawari Lodge


  • Day 5


    Wake up to the chattering of Lorikeets and Eclectus Parrots. After breakfast enjoy touring programs that provide an insight into the amazing ecology and culture of the Karawari area. Overnight: Karawari Lodge


  • Day 6

    Karawari to Rodon Ridge

    Fly by charter aircraft from Karawari to Mount Hagen in the upper Wahgi Valley – a valley with some of the earliest evidence of agriculture in the world. Transfer to Rondon Ridge, perched high on Mount Kuta, affording incredible views of the spectacular Wahgu Valley. Enjoy a guided nature walk around the trails of Rondon Rigde. Overnight: Rondon Ridge

  • Day 7 and Day 8

    Rodon Ridge to Goroka

    Transfer to Kagamuga airport for charter flight to Goroka. Experience two full days of the customs of over a hundred tribes that populate the Papua New Guinea highlands. At the end of each enjoyable day return to your accommodation. Overnight: Rondon Ridge


  • Day 9

    Depart Port Moresby

    Transfer to airport and fly to Port Moresby where you will be met and assisted with your international departure. 



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Goroka Show: 17th to 19th September 2016. 
Breakfast, lunch & dinner are included frmo Day 2 to Day 8.


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