Over 10 days you will fly between some of the most otherworldly destinations that create Namibia’s unique make up. The red dune / blue sky contrasts of Sossusvlei, the eerie shipwrecks of Skeleton Coast and the fascinating Himba people inhabiting the remote Kunene region in Northern Namibia

  • Day 1 - 3

    From Windhoek, your first flight of many will commence and take you to the exquisite Sossusvlei region for 3 nights
  • Day 4 - 6

    Skeleton Coast
    If you thought you were in a remote area, think again. The following 3 Nights will be spent in places where few have ventured before you. In fact, the Skeleton Coast is so remote; you have to take two separate flights to get there!
  • Day 7 - 9

    Kunene Region
    Bordering Angola in northern Namibia, you will travel to the Kunene region. The Kunene River is an invaluable source of water for the local Himba people, a tribe you will get to witness in person during the next 3 nights.
  • Day 10

    End of Journey
    Journey ends back in Windhoek from where you can easily connect to other Southern Africa destinations.


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