Cape Town contained some of my favorite things: wine, beautiful architecture, history and a dazzling composition of earth’s natural elements. Whatever image is conjured when you hear “Africa,” I’m sure it’s limited in scope. Because it would be impossible to immediately think of everything this amazing continent has to offer in an instant. Now that’s Africa, but South Africa can certainly hold its own in that arena.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Cape Town. Sure, I had heard a lot about it. I’d heard about Table Mountain, Robben’s Island, SHARKS, seals, and beautiful coastlines. But no one had really been able to capture the intrinsic personality of the city. And I get it. It is nearly impossible to put into words the magic of the people and land. The people are some of the most genuine I have come across. I had heard of Southern hospitality, but there is something to be said for South African hospitality. So down-to-earth, so good natured, so friendly. And so multi-cultural – South Africa has 11 national languages.

Sorry, I can’t help but go into a trance when I speak about my experience, because it does kind of feel like falling in love. You become obsessed.

I had the privilege of spending a weekend in the winelands. I always knew I loved South African wine, by the way, I had indulged in many a bottle when I thought myself fancy. But imbibing on this magic elixir with the backdrop of South Africa’s majestic mountains elevates the experience to something indescribable. Something to be remembered.

The winelands of Franscchoek and Stellenbosch are beautiful and divine. Stellenbosch is home to one of the most prestigious universities in Africa, but don’t write this off as a college-town. April is dead smack in autumn and the foliage looks like something out of a romantic film. Both are adorned with little shops, owned by charming locals peddling their intricate wares. Both have a lovely variety of hotels that suit every traveler.

Aside from steak, what I love the most of about Cape Town is how nature easily integrates with the urbane. It’s easy to feel like you’re in a cosmopolitan yet, albeit, historic city when you’re by the waterfront (which you absolutely must visit, by the way). But you must also check out the coast. Besides witnessing the point where warm meets cold, where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet, you have this amazing vastness in shades of turquoise and blue. The penguins carrying on merrily in their warm weather is a juxtaposition that, for me, I hadn’t considered (even during my various trips to the Bronx zoo in the intolerable summer heat). But did you know there were ostriches? Like, on the street sometimes. How cool?!

I could speak about the architecture (which I loved, by the way – check out Cape Malay, especially if you love vibrant colors), or parasailing off Table Mountain (which, any adrenaline junkies should try), but I am just stuck on the intangible magic of this city.

If you’re still not convinced, then I implore you to check out our itineraries or reach out to us if you need more persuasion. But I do think Africa has so much to offer, and that regardless the purpose of your trip you will have an unforgettable time in South Africa.

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