1. World-famous Sparkling Wine

The region is home to the world’s most famous sparkling wine with key Hillsides, Houses and Wine Cellars» listed as a UNESCO world
Heritage Site.

2. Wine Tourism

The wine tourism offer is very diversified with:
• Visits of the underground cellars of the most famous names in champagne;
• Discovering small champagne producers along the Champagne Tourist Route;
• Learning more about the world of champagne through the various dedicated museums and visitors’ centres;
• Tasting champagne in specialist champagne bars, including the world’s only champagne bar in a tree house!
• Participating in a number of different activities that take you out into the vineyard.

3. Good Accessibility

Proximity to Paris – the main Champagne-Ardenne TGV station is just 30 minutes from Charles de Gaulle airport by high speed train.

4. Fame

The fame of the region’s towns attracts visitors from afar:
• Reims, coronation city of the kings of France;
• Epernay, capital of Champagne with its famed Avenue de Champagne;
• Troyes, medieval capital of Champagne & centre of 16th century art.

5. Rich in History and Heritage

A region rich in history and heritage with sites such as:
• The gothic cathedral of Reims where 24 kings were crowned;
• Europe’s largest medieval fortress at Sedan (1½ hours from Reims);
• Historical villages along the Champagne Route (Hautvillers, Essoyes,
Les Riceys...);
• An exceptional collection of religious and architectural treasures at

6. Links to Famous People

• War heroes: Charles de Gaulle, Joan of Arc and Napoleon Bonaparte
• Artists : Renoir
• 18th century philosophers: Voltaire and Diderot
• ‘Father of Champagne’: Dom Pérignon

7. War-related

World War 1 – many sites (trenches, camps, monuments, memorials, cemeteries, museums) connected to the Great War – the Front Line ran through the Marne;

8. Largest Lake

A hotspot for nature with Europe’s largest artificial lake attracting tens of thousands of migratory birds, such as the crane, each autumn and spring.

9. Famous for Food

A rich tradition of gastronomy with local produce ranging from charcuterie to cheeses, truffles, mustard, biscuits, desserts and other specialities.

10. Great Collection of Accommodation

An excellent choice of accommodation ranging from luxury 5-star through château-hotels to charming guest houses, not forgetting more unusual accommodation such as tree houses, gypsy caravans and yourtes.

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