The Sepik River, 1,126 km long,  resembles a serpent meandering its way through lush greenery in gentle coils and curves. Come a little closer however, witness the magic of the rich and diverse culture that is knitted along the longest river on the island of New Guinea. Each twist and bend has a story to tell, as The Sepik is the soul of Papua New Guinea (PNG) ,  is home to more than 250 languages, woven together by means of trade and cultural interactions, sustaining life for an abundance of flora and fauna. 

PNG is huge, saving time by charter flight from highland to rainforest, more comfortable and rest time. 

  • Day 1

    Greeting in the arrivals area of the airport by your private guide in Port Moresby Airport. They'll bring you to your hotel by private vehicle. Orientating you to the city on your way and helping you check-in when you get there.

    Overnight: Airways Hotel

  • Day 2

    Fly Port Moresby to Tari. The Tari Valley is home to the Huli - a vibrant and proud people still largely embracing a traditional lifestyle. Tonight, stay at spectacular Ambua Lodge located at an altitude of 7,000 feet (2,100m) in the PNG Southern Highlands. Spend the afternoon on a guided walk through dense forest searching for some of the many species of the exotic Bird of Paradise. Most display striking colours and vivid plumage which distinguish them as some of the world's most dramatic and attractive birds.

    Overnight: Ambua Lodge

  • Day 3

    In contrast to the Karawari and Sepik people whose art is manifested in ceremonial and decorative carvings, the Huli highland people's art is revealed in body decoration and face painting with vivid yellow and red ochre.

    Elaborate headdresses of human hair decorated with brilliant Bird of Paradise feathers, pigments and flowers are worn by the famed Huli Wig-Men. Experience the Huli Culture with village tours and local performances, the most vibrant and colourful in PNG.

    Overnight: Ambua Lodge

  • Day 4

    Fly by charter aircraft to Timbunke airstrip over some of the most rugged and impressive landscapes in the world. The country between Ambua and the Sepik region is an amazing array of jagged limestone peaks that rise and fall at impossible angles.

    Transfer to the Sepik Spirit, a floating lodge based in Kaminimbit I village. Inspired by the architecture of the "haus tambaran" or spirit house, the Sepik Spirit has a truly unique design. After lunch, enjoy an afternoon tour to Kaminimbit I, Kaminimbit II and Kororua villages. While touring the mighty Sepik you will visit villages whose inhabitants are renowned and prolific woodworkers. Time for shopping, such as elaborately-carved masks, ancestral figures, hand-drums, baskets, bilums and gourds.

    Overnight: Sepik Spirit Floating Lodge

  • Day 5 to Day 6

    The Sepik is one of the largest rivers in the world and is steeped in mystery. Two full days are spent exploring the waterway and its tributaries, and visiting traditional villages. The inhabitants of the Sepik area have fascinated anthropologists such as Margaret Mead since the area was first visited in the 1930s. The fact that over 250 languages are spoken in the region is a powerful indication of the diversity of its society and culture. Learn about the distinctions between cultural groups and gain an appreciation of the importance of the sago palm to all Sepik peoples.

    Overnight: Sepik Spirit Floating Lodge

  • Day 7

    Travel by charter aircraft from Timbunke to Mount Hagen over mountains which rise to startling heights from the flatlands of the Sepik Basin. Mount Hagen Town is in the upper Wahgi Valley, where some of the earliest evidence of human agriculture has been found. Perched high on Mount Kuta is Rondon Ridge, which affords incredible views of the spectacular Wahgi Valley.

    Accommodating in one of only twelve rooms each featuring 180° views, a modern bathroom, and warmed beds and continental quilts for the cool highland evenings. After lunch, enjoy an afternoon guided nature walk around the trails of Rondon Ridge.

    Overnight: Rondon Ridge

  • Day 8

    Today's full day tour highlights the unique culture and tradition of the Melpa people who live near Mt Hagen. The city is the business heart of the Papua New Guinea highlands, supporting important industries such as tea, coffee and mining. It is a city where stone meets steel, where tradition and history is juxtaposed with modernity. The Leahy brothers from Australia were the first to make contact with the Melpa in the mid-1930s when they were prospecting for gold. The Melpa is a complex traditional society in which "big men" earn status by accruing wealth and then distributing it in ceremonial exchanges.

    Overnight: Rondon Ridge

  • Day 9

    Transfer from Rondon for demostic flight to Port Moresby. After lunch at the Airways Hotel, proceed to the airport  and flew to  Madang, private guide will wait at Madang airport and transferred to Malolo Plantation Lodge. The Tok Pisin word 'Malolo' means 'rest' - and the very nature of the lodge, its surrounds and the local people ensure one does just that. Set amidst palm trees and lush tropical gardens overlooking volcanic islands in the Bismark Sea, this is a magical and peaceful retreat.

    Overnight: Malolo Plantation Lodge

  • Day 10

    Wake to the morning calls of tropical birds before joining for private local tour. A scenic drive along the north coast road leads to Bagildig village where meet the locals and learn about their lifestyle. Return to Malolo for lunch, then enjoy an afternoon cruise to Tadwai Island with great opportunities for snorkelling. 

    Overnight: Malolo Plantation Lodge

  • Day 11

    Transfer to Madang airport and fly to Port Moresby where private guide will assist on international departure. 


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From day 2 to 10, it's included breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Charter Flight

  • On day 4, fly by charter aircraft to Timbunke airstrip, the luggage restriction is 10kg per passenger.
  • On day 7, travel by charter aircraft from Timbunke to Mount Hagen, the luggage restriction is 10kg per passenger.

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