Gangtey Lodge will offer a unique and exciting insight into the beautiful Gangtey Valley, at top of 3,000 meters in middle Bhutan. The lodge is commenced in September 2013 by the dynamic husband and wife duo, Brett and Omar Melzer. With its spectacular setting and sweeping views over the whole valley, will act as a luxurious base and jumping off point for a series of half and full day adventures and excursions. One of the highlights during the spring and autumn months will be the world's highest commercial balloon flight for a spectacular early morning Himalayan experience.


A six-hour drive from the nearest airport at Paro,  The Lodge is set in Gangtey Valley, nearby is the 17th-century Gangtey Monastery, the largest Nyingmapa (a school of Buddhism) monastery in the country and a vision of white-and-gold tiers.


12 suites with in-room fireplaces, Gangtey is their first hotel venture in Bhutan and, as you might expect from the pedigree of its owners, it offers the best quality of materials, design and service. Draw upon the inspiration of the unique and beautiful Bhutanese rural architecture down, designed by Mary Lou Thomson, who has worked on some of the world's most prestigious resort projects, the interiors and furnishings showcase aspects of the vibrant local culture.

The focal point of the lodge will be an informal lounge and dining space with wall to ceiling views of the valley below. Plush leather sofas and rich fabrics will invite guests to share the day's adventures around two impressive fireplaces encased in local stone. The twelve beautifully appointed guestrooms, each with their own cozy fireplace, will reflect the rich cultural heritage with warm fabrics and earthen tones.


 The lodge also act as a jumping off point for their hot air balloon journeys – from half to full-day adventures soaring over Bhutan’s ravishing pine forested landscapes. Drift over the Gangtey valley in a hot-air balloon, following the path of rivers Nakay Chhu and Gay Chhu (said to represent a snake and a boar) and floating over dzongs (fortresses) and pine forests. The balloon also passes over the village of Phobjikha, at the edge of the Black Mountain National Park, but only when the incredibly rare black-neck cranes that winter here are not in residence so as not to disturb the birds. 


Additional Costs for Upscale Accommodations

Standard accommodations are included in your tour price already. For the guests who prefer even more comfortable rooms, luxury hotels are available in Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey and Bumthang, upon extra payment apart from the package tariff. As Bhutan government do not allow visitors to travel freely without a tour guide, you may inform us your preferred hotel choices, and we will fit your choices in to the itinerary.


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