Your family will engage with nature and learn to plant rice with a local farmer on a family-focused bike and basket boat tour and join the farmer planting rice seedlings as well as rice production in ancient town Hoi An.

  • One Day

    After meeting your tour guide, cycle the short way to the boat quay. Transfer onto a local ferry for a leisurely cruise to the riverside village of Tra Nhieu. Hop back on your bike and peddle your way along the winding village roads and shady pathways past garden houses. Visit some of the local cottage industries to see the production of traditional handicrafts including bamboo furniture and rice paper. A local family will welcome you into their home for a cup of tea. While you relax they will demonstrate how they earn a living from making sleeping mats.

    Another short boat trip brings you to the village of Cam Thanh, a tranquil oasis of intricate nypa-palm waterways and mangrove forests. Climb into a traditional round basket boat, still used by the local fishermen in the area, and paddle through the underwater nypa-palm forest. Stop for a lunch in a riverside cottage with tasty specialties especially for the children.

    Continue cycling through the scenic countryside. Stop at a rural farm and wade into the rice paddies with a local farmer. Then it’s the turn of both the adults and the kids to roll up their sleeves and join the farmer in raking and harrowing the soil and planting the rice seedlings. You will also learn about rice production – from the seeds all the way through to the grinding mill. After the fun work is finished, say goodbye to the farmer and cycle back to town.

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