Over the five days, sail along the two largest tributaries of the Peruvian Amazon, the Ucayali and the Marañon, as well as on the mighty Amazon itself by the low key luxury river cruise Aria Amazon. Embarking on a spectacular journey to a place visited by only a very few of even the most experienced world travelers.

  • Day 1

    Nauta - Marañon River
    Your guides await you, as your flight from Lima glides in for landing at Iquitos International Airport. Enjoy a scenic one-and-a-half hour drive through the Peruvian countryside to the small village of Nauta. You will be traveling along the only road out of town and it only goes as far as Nauta.
    From the moment you step on board, enjoy the Aria Amazon's low-key luxury. Then it’s into the air-conditioned lounge, naturalist guides and cruise director will introduce the details of your journey deep into the Peruvian Amazon. Sit down, relax, sip fine South American wine, toast the beginning of a beautiful journey and enjoy the innovative Amazonian cuisine, created by Executive Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, whose restaurant, Malabar, is the one of Lima’s top ranked dining experiences. Schiaffino’s imaginative use of local products – fruit, fish, spices – makes every meal a delightful adventure.
    Perhaps sip a nightcap on the Upper Deck, under the stars, before retiring.
  • Day 2

    Marañon River - Yanayacu - Pucate River - Pacaya Samiria National Reserve
    Explore the Yanayacu, Pucate River within Pacaya Samiria National Reserve in morning. Here on this black water river you can observe many species of flora and fauna, especially macaws and several species of primates like squirrels monkeys, capuchins monkeys and the famous river dolphins, either pink or gray. You will also have the opportunity here to fish for the ferocious piranha.
    Lecture in the lounge by naturalist guides who will tell you about sustainable development projects carried out in this part of the Peruvian Amazon after lunch time. On the visit to a community located along the great river Marañon, expert guides will introduce you to the native people of Amazonia, visit the lands where they practice subsistence farming and see how they cultivate wild plants and trees to earn income. In the primary forest,  guides will also teach you about the fruit trees and medicinal plants hidden in the jungle.
  • Day 3

    Samiria River - Village Visit - Nauta Caño - Pacaya Samiria National Reserve
    This morning your naturalist guide will talk about sustainable development projects in Amazonia. You will visit one of the projects, where villagers are planting palms to obtain oil. Your guide will also show you the artificial nests created in the sand to protect turtle eggs. Then we will go into the jungle to encounter wildlife and learn first-hand about the value of medicinal plants found here. Keep an eye out for the famous Ceiba tree, the highest in the Amazon. 
    Cooking lessons and lecture in the lounge during lunh period. 
    Nauta Caño is part of the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, also known as the Forest of Mirrors due to its dark lagoons, which reflect the scenery. In this area we will observe toucans, macaws, and iguanas, among many other species, alligators, frogs and fishing bats.
  • Day 4

    Marañon River~ Casual Terra Firma Forest Walk ~ Yanayacu Yacapana

    Sailing along the Marañon River, watching the different species of flora and fauna, we approach the Casual community where we will hike on land. Here you will see a plethora of wildlife, so keep your binoculars ready to observe tanagers and orioles as well as various reptiles and amphibians. Keep an eye out for the beautiful and eye-catching but poisonous frogs along this fascinating trail, as well as trees and medicinal plants. You can choose to canoe at Sapira Creek in Marañon river.

    After lunch,  the locals call Yacapana Islands “Islands of the Iguana" for the large number of these reptiles - like tiny dinosaurs - that inhabit them. We pass by in the skiff, giving you the opportunity to take plenty of pictures. After our arrival at one particular spot, you may use your hooks to try to catch some of the ferocious piranhas and other fish. Your naturalist guides will tell the story of the lake and its wildlife while you watch the sunset. En route, we will also go in search of the world's largest aquatic plant called “Victoria Regia." As the sun goes down, photograph the freshwater Amazon dolphins both gray and pink.

    Once back on board, the ship will continue its journey down stream, sailing toward Iquitos through the night. Meet in the lounge with our naturalist guides for the Crew Presentation, the guides will introduce some of the crew members whom you may not have met, who worked "behind the scenes" to ensure your memorable trip has been filled with countless exceptional experiences.

  • Day 5

    City tour

    Depending on the weather, we will tour the flood zone that borders the city of Iquitos and observe the houses and shops that actually float on the Itaya River for several months of the year. Then we will visit the traditional market of Bellavista Nanay, bordering the Nanay River, to see products from the Peruvian Amazon including exotic snacks like the Amazon Caterpillar. Called "Suri," these caterpillars live in the palm trees and are considered a very appetizing snack for Amazonia people, even in the city.

    After lunch, time to say goodbye with cruise staff. This afternoon, we will take you on a tour of Iquitos, glorious city in the days of the rubber boom. Visit the Manatee Rescue Center, a kind of animal orphanage for Amazonian manatees to rescue, rehabilitate and release them back into the wild. Later, we stop at the Amazonian Indian Market San Juan, where, you may wish to shop for local crafts before leaving. Guides will help with check in at the airport and stay with you until you have boarded your flight back to Lima.



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  • All meals while onboard
  • All excursions off the Aria Amazon
  • All beverages, non-alcoholic, house wine and beer
  • Transfers to/from vessel when arriving or departing on recommended flights
  • Pacaya Samiria National Reserve entrance fee


  • All international and domestic air tickets to and from Iquitos
  • Guide and crew gratuities
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