Come aboard Le Boréal for 5-star expedition from Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq.

Le Boréal will sail through silence broken only by the cracking of icebergs, to introduce you to the landscapes of this radiant, virgin land. Here, when the ice breaks up and the granite peaks shed their white mantle for a brief Summer, a spellbinding world of bewitching power and beauty emerges.

  • Day 1

    Reykjavik, Iceland

    This attractive harbour city is located just a few kilometres from the Icelandic capital. You will get there by sea, so you’ll see the fishing boats moored in the Hafnarfjörður bays. As you approach, you’ll see the immersed rocks of volcanic origin; in fact Hafnarfjörður is built on an ancient field of lava flow. In the town centre, basalt rocks will point you in the direction of the historic houses of Sivertsen and Siggubær: their interiors and period furniture will bring old Iceland back to life before your very eyes. Not far from here, you can fill your lungs with sea air by taking the coastal walk, which is well worth it for the beautiful, panoramic views.

  • Day 2

    Reykjavik, Iclenad

    You can choose one of the following excurisons

    • Relaxing in the Blue Lagoon

    It takes you through Reykjavik’s suburbs on the way to the Blue Lagoon, giving us a chance to get a glimpse of the city before we drive through the rugged lava fields of the Reykjanes peninsula. The Blue Lagoon is located in the middle of a beautiful lava field that offers our guest an opportunity to experience this unique landscape.

    Here we will stop for approximately 2 ½ hours in order to indulge in the waters of the lagoon itself! The Blue Lagoon owes its existence to the nearby geothermal power plant. The beautiful facility, offers a tax-free shop, café, restaurant and very good changing-room facilities. The water of the Lagoon is 37-39°C warm, mineral-rich and reputed for its healing properties. The blue color of the water, the steam and the 4-meter high lava wall surrounding the Lagoon succeed in creating a unique atmosphere.

    This natural and very popular health spa is now a major attraction in the region and considered to be one of the most visited places on the island. From the Blue Lagoon we head back passing the town Hafnarfjordur before ending at the pier.

    • Krysuvik & Viking Museum

    Your tour will start from the pier, by crossing the picturesque town of Hafnarfjördur. This town is affectionately known as the “town in the lava” due to its charming location nestled amongst ancient lava formations of all shapes and sizes. We continue through this surreal lava landscape, along the enchanting Kleifarvatn Lake, with the cairns marking out ancient trails that criss-cross the landscape, onwards towards the Reykjanes peninsula.

    We continue to Krysuvik, a colourful hot-springs area, which contrasts sharply to the sand and the lava fields of the area. The landscape contrast continues as we ride down to the sea towards a green bay and then up towards the mountains through lava and lush green meadows.Than you will head to the geothermal fields of Krysuvik. In Krysuvik we can really witness the powerful jets of steam escaping from deep below the earth’s crust and multicoloured pools of boiling mud of the solfataras. You will drive on across the impressive volcanic plateau of Reykjanes.

    Then you will be guided over the lava-covered Reykjanes peninsula to the outskirts of the little town Njardvik, where we find the newly built Viking museum in which stands “Icelander” (Islendingur), a fully seaworthy replica of an average-sized Viking vessel, this in those times would have carried a crew of 70. To commemorate the thousandth anniversary of this countrymen navigating to and discover­ing North America, the shipbuilder Gunnar Eggertsson travelled on the “Icelander” to America and back again in the year 2000.

    Homeward bound you will go back to the port, trough the Reykjanes lava fields, before arriving at the pier.

    • Gulfoss & Thingvellir

    This classic excursion encompasses the “Big Three” – Gullfoss, Geysir and Thingvellir. They are collectively known as the Golden Circle and provide a look at some of the scenic wonders for which Iceland is justly renowned. On departing the Port, your journey begins with a drive inland to Thingvellir national park, about 30 miles from Reykjavik. Your visit to this national park allows you to experience one of the most outstanding sceneries in the country. Thingvellir ranks at the top of Iceland’s tourist attractions. In 2004 the site of Thingvellir was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The area is surrounded by mountains and encompasses a vast lava plain of green moss and wild flowers. It is regarded by the Icelanders as a sacred place for in 930 the world’s oldest legislative body, The Althing, first convened here. Of special note are the Law Speaker’s rock and the remains of the turf shelters. These shelters were once used as dwellings during the two-week assemblies of the Althing which were held in the height of summer every other year.

    Leaving Thingvellir your tour continues to the Gullfoss waterfall. The “Golden Waterfall” is the most famous of the country’s many waterfalls. Here the river Hvita drops 96 feet in two falls, creating an awesome spectacle.

    During your next stop at the geyser area, you will be able to see hissing springs and other geothermal phenomena. The active geyser “Strokkur” projects water every few minutes. Here, amongst these scenic surroundings lunch will be served in the Geysir-area. After lunch, and on your way back to the capital, a comfort stop will be made at Hveragerdi or at Thrastalundur. Back in Reykjavik, a short stop will be made at the Pearl vantage before arriving back at the pier.  

  • Day 3

    At Sea

  • Day 4

    At Sea

  • Day 5

    Kayaking in Narsaq, Greenland

    In a fantastic scenery, surrounded by icebergs coming from the Eqalorutsit glacier, using soundless kayaks, you will travel across part of the Arctic in a spectacular setting.

    An experienced kayak instructor will show you the techniques, give you safety instructions, and will lead you kayaking around the area and right to Narsap llua. You will be impressed by leafy tundra which contrasts with the blue and white of the icebergs. A unique experience, exciting and original, surprising both first-time kayakers and those used to the peculiarities of the kayak world.

  • Day 6

    Nuuk, the captial city of Greenland

    You will enjoy the complimentary excurison to Greenland National Museum

    You will leave the wharf, located in the new part of the city, by bus and will go through Nuuk to the old city, where the beautiful aged buildings are. During this transfer, you will be able to discover the urban development of a young and expanding capital.

    You’ll be dropped near the Tourist Information Centre in the old part of Nuuk. A short walk through the old city will bring you to the National Museum. Its collections cover the 4.500 years old history of Greenland and derive from all parts of the country. Four 600- year-old mummies found in Qilakitsoq in the northern part of the country are the museum’s most famous and highly acclaimed exhibits.

    Then, you will have free time to enjoy the old colonial town centre with its ancient wooden houses, the statue of Hans Egede, the beach.This transfer will give you a taste of this unique town of Nuuk, the capital and largest city of Greenland.

  • Day 7

    Sailing along Western Coast

  • Day 8

    Glacier Eqi Base PE.Victor

  • Day 9

    Ilulissat, Greenland

    You can pick one of the following excursion to experience one of the largest Ice Fjord in the world. 

    • Sermermiut & The Ice Fjord

    You will leave the wharf by bus and go through Ilulissat to the South. After a guided walk of about 45 minutes, you will reach the idyllic Sermermiut valley lies out towards the ice fjord.

    In 1727 it was Greenland’s biggest settlement and home to more than 250 people. Excavations have subsequently revealed that for thousands of years the beautiful valley has at various times been home to all of the cultures that have lived along the west coast of Greenland. This abandoned settlement is nowadays an archaeology centre, very important for scientists. Although, you must be aware that there aren’t any spectaculars relics of these civilisations as the Inuits did not build huge constructions.

    Here, the main highlights are the beautiful landscapes of this sober, pure and fascinating nature: white and bluish masses, rising like mysterious mountains…. Icebergs everywhere! Indeed, the Sermermiut glacier is the most ice-productive in the northern hemisphere. You will then walk back to the bus so as to return to Ilulissat, the old city and the port. If you want, you will be able to saunter in the city, and may be pay homage to Knud Rasmussen, famous Danish explorer, born in Ilulissat, and whose childhood home became a museum.

    • Ice Fjord by the Sea

    As your ship will be at anchoring, you will board small local boats directly from the ship. First, you will cruise along the coast to discover Ilulissat and its coloured houses, and then get to the open-sea so as to reach the Ice Fjord of Ilullissat, the Isfjord. The small boats will slide on the calm waters of the Disko Bay, by clearing its way between the small ice packs. 

    Maybe, you’ll be able to see the boats of some fishermen and seal hunters. Then, huge white masses with bluish glints and deep caverns will appear…. Icebergs!! The vision is imposing and gripping!! At the end of this navigation among the ices, you will go back to the vessel.

  • Day 10

    Sailing in the Fjords

  • Day 11

    Arrive Kangerlussuaq


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