The holiday season may be over but it is never too early to start considering potential travel destinations for 2019. We have come up with four impressive, off-the-beaten track locations that you will definitely want to include in your travel list.

1) Rubondo Island National Park, Tanzania

Located on the south western shores of Lake Victoria. Rubondo Island National Park is Africa's largest island national park. Three quarters of the park comprises equatorial forest, home to chimpanzees, elephants and the rare sitatunga. A visit to Rubondo offers the intrepid traveler the opportunity to go on a chimp habituation adventure as well as a chance to venture into the unexplored corners of the island by canoe or boat. Catch-and-release fishing is a fun activity as is watching the dazzling array of birds and butterflies which call the island home. Accommodation at the island can only be at the Rubondo Island Camp.

2) Akagera National Park, Rwanda

Akagera National Park lies north east of Rwanda, a short three hour drive from Kigali, the country's capital. The park comprises a remarkable number of habitats, from rolling hills of acacia bush to swamp-fringed lakes and thick forest. After many years of absence, lions were introduced back to the park in 2015 as were 20 eastern black rhino. Not to be missed is the magical sunset boat ride on Lake Ihema amid grunting hippos and basking crocodiles! Akagera is a great addition to a gorilla tracking adventure at Volcanoes National Park. Stay at the Ruzizi Tented Lodge or at the soon-to-open Magashi Camp.

3) Meru National Park, Kenya

Teeming with lion, elephant, giraffe, zebra among other species, Meru National Park is perhaps Kenya's most stunning yet under-rated national park. Once a celebrated game park, made famous by Born Free, a book and film on lion lover George Adamson's life, Meru went off the radar due to massive poaching in the '80s. The park is back to its flourishing ways with a thriving rhino sanctuary and more diversity in animal species than any other park in Kenya. Your stay will be at the elegant Elsa's Kopje lodge.

4) Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda

Popularly referred to as the Mountains of the Moon, Rwenzori is a rugged mountain range comprising over 25 peaks including Mt Margherita, Africa's third highest peak. With its rich and unusual flora comprising giant heathers and lobellas, as well as impressive glaciers and waterfalls, Rwenzori is one of Africa's most beautiful alpine destinations. Hiking the mountains is an experience like no other. As you ascend, you come across various biospheres each with its unique flora and fauna, and after 4,500 metres, the glacier adds a wondrous element to the atmosphere.

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